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Artificial Intelligence is here now, Facebook explain how many ways more than we think!

Artificial Intelligence is here now, Facebook explain how many ways more than we think!

If you thought Artificial Intelligence (AI) was way off into the future. Think again.

Facebook Code have revealed just what’s happening in the way of AI in our lives right now.

“It’s 8:00 am on a Tuesday morning. You’ve awoken, scanned the headlines on your phone, responded to an online post, ordered a holiday sweater for your mom, locked up the house, and are driving to work, listening to some great new music on the radio.

You’ve also used artificial intelligence (AI) more than a dozen times — to be roused, to call up local weather report, to purchase a gift, to secure your house, to be alerted to an upcoming traffic jam, and even to identify an unfamiliar song.

AI is already pervasive in our world, and it’s making a huge difference in our everyday lives. But this is not the AI you’ve seen in sci-fi movies, with nervous scientists clacking on keyboards and attempting to halt machines from destroying the world.”

Here’s Facebook’s Head of AI Research explaining more.

Basically, we’re using AI on a daily basis.

On our phone, in our car, all sorts of places. Sometimes it is obvious such as asking Siri or Cortana. Others could be fraud alerts from your bank.

A lot of new technology on the horizon is going to be using AI such as self-driving cars, medical analysis and diagnostic tools.

Jobs of the future

A lot of people talk about the negative impact of AI on jobs and yes, there will be massive change. Of course this will be coupled with extraordinary opportunities. There will be new jobs in manufacturing, training, sales, maintenance, and fleet management of these robots. AI and robots will enable the creation of new services that are difficult to imagine today.

The future

“Increasingly, human intellectual activities will be performed in conjunction with intelligent machines.”

Facebook’s view is that AI is an extension of our Human Intelligence.

Their long-term goal is to “Understand intelligence and build intelligent machines. That’s not merely a technology challenge, it’s a scientific question. What is intelligence, and how can we reproduce it in machines? Ultimately, that quest is humanity’s quest. The answers to these questions will help us not just build intelligent machines, but develop keener insight into how the mysterious human mind and brain work. Hopefully, it’ll also help us all better understand what it means to be human.”

Interesting stuff.

Can you spot how many time you’re using AI when you go about your day today?

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Jon Allen
Comment: 1
    3rd July 2018 8:01 am

    Artificial Intelligence is all about creating and developing machines that act, behave, react and work like human beings themselves. These machines are designed in such a brilliant manner that they are capable of performing activities like Speech Recognition, Learning, Planning, Problem Solving etc.


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