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Budgets Are Moving To The Campaign Level

Budgets Are Moving To The Campaign Level

An interesting change on the Facebook Ads platform this month. It might seem like a minor change to have the option to move the budgeting from Ad Set level to Campaign level but we think this could be great. It means we can really easily split test Audiences and let Facebook Optimise the delivery. Something we know their algorithm is really good at!

Looking forward to seeing some results on these campaigns.

Here’s message we recently received from The Facebook Ads Team:

To help you spend your budget more efficiently, we’re moving budget to the campaign level starting in September 2019. You’ll be able to set one central campaign budget for all of your ad sets, and we’ll automatically and continuously distribute that budget in real time to your top-performing ad sets.

Here’s what you can expect:

Campaign budget optimisation can generate more results and lower costs for your campaigns.

If you use the lowest-cost bid strategy and campaign budget optimisation, for example, Facebook will find you the cheapest opportunities across all of your ad sets. You’ll generally see lower costs per result for your campaign. Click here to learn about campaign budget optimisation reporting.

To understand how campaign budget optimisation distributes your budget, pay attention to the total number of optimisation events for your campaign and the average cost per optimisation event at the campaign level, instead of each ad set.

Click here to find out more about campaign budget optimisation.

Jon Allen
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