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Choose the ads you want to see

Choose the ads you want to see

How many times do you come across an advertisement while surfing through Google that is related to something you searched earlier?

Is it because of an algorithm that automatically matches your searches with relevant ads? Does it make you feel like you are being watched?

Well, here is the answer. Yes, Google does target ads according to users’ interests and behaviours i.e. your previous engagement with the search engine.
The good news is you can now turn off these personalised ads. Recently, Google have updated the ad settings feature, which lets you choose the kinds of ads you would want to see in the future or turn of personalised ads completely.
Follow these simple steps to turn off/ change Advertisement Settings on your Google account;
Step 1 – Sign in to your Google account
Step 2 – Click on the grid cube on the top right of the Google search page
Step 3 – Click on “My Account” icon
Step 4 – Go to personal information & settings
Step 5 – Click on Ad Settings from the menu
Step 6 – Click on “Manage Ad Settings”
Step 7 – From the listed interests customise the ones you want to keep or discard
Step 8 – Turn off Ad personalisation button to completely turn of personalised ads.
Moreover, an additional feature “why am I seeing this ad?” by Google helps you track the previous searches that made a certain ad during Google and its’ Apps surfing. Utilise this feature to get rid of all the unwanted advertisements.

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