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Faber Design

Case Study:

Faber Design

Faber is an interior design agency that specialises in the creation of restaurants and food & beverage concepts. Working with leading chefs, restauranteurs, hoteliers and retailers.

Their vision of becoming the leading agency in the F&B field has now become a reality. We work with Tony and the team at Faber very closely to build marketing funnels, targeted and chefs and restaurant owners which generate a continuous stream of quality leads for them.

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Funnel Marketing & Social Media


Faber needed to find a way to driving a consistent flow of high quality targeted leads into the business, as their previous marketing activity had been hit and miss and unstructured.

The first part of the process was to position them at the “Go to guys (and gals)” for the interior design of Food and Beverage concepts for restaurants and hotels.

Then we identified the key avatars. The first one was the “Chef”. Once we truly understood the chef avatar, we could target and market to them where they spent their time. Facebook was great for targeting, but even more relevant was Instagram.

Through the creation of a set of highly targeted marketing funnels, with native posts and ads into Facebook and Instagram, we’ve been able to work with the team at Faber to create a constant flow of high quality leads, with several leads a day being generated.

Their return on investment (ROI) on Facebook Ads alone was over 3000% within the first 3 months, with more campaigns and funnels being added monthly.

Google Ranking (SEO) and Pay Per Click (Adwords)


As a nationally focused agency, Faber wanted to appear in the top of the search engines for relevant national search terms, whilst also being visible if someone searched locally.

Will over 100 landing pages created, and with a combination of organic SEO and paid ads (Adwords), Faber now have a number of national number 1 ranking positions in Google as well as nearly 100 top 3 local search terms, over 50 of which are number 1 on Google.

This strategy has created a steady flow of highly targeted enquiries, which has led to large volumes of new business.

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