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Landlord Smart

Case Study:

Landlord Smart

Landlord Smart is a finance company specialising in finance solutions for landlords needing to furnish and buy other key assets for their rental projects.

Being landlords themselves, Landlord Smart have a vision to help more landlords create profitable investment properties.

With this in mind we worked with Landlord Smart to build them marketing funnels aimed at educating landlords on furnishing properties without eating into their precious capital. An average of three landlords a day download our educational tool designed for them. We also educate this market through Landlords Smart’s social media platforms.

Marketing Funnels


With a real desire to make marketing work for them, Tracey and the team at Landord Smart were trying to explore Funnel Marketing. They were asking their previous marketing agency all the right questions… How do I create landing pages? What about capturing details? How do we record great video? What about automated follow up?

They were certainly leading their previous agency and not getting direction.

The first marketing funnel achieved incredible results and we’re currently converting at over 35% on landing pages with just over £1 per targeted lead.

Marketing Automation and Email Sequences


Generating a continuous flow of leads can lead to immediate business. For some however, this is just the start. It raising the question of how these leads relate to revenue and ultimately to profit?

The next step after generating a lead is to convert it into business. This can be a manual process or it could be completely automated. Or in reality, somewhere in between.

Marketing Automation is a technology (or set of technologies) that can take a lead, through a nurturing process, building the relationship and building trust, through to becoming a customer or client.

Landlord Smart have automated the education, relationship building and conversion process to turn leads into revenue and profit.

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