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Let Us Introduce You to Marketing Automation

Let Us Introduce You to Marketing Automation

With the development in software technology, advanced technology that was considered rare and exclusive a few years earlier is becoming more and more available to the masses in affordable costs. Marketing automation falls into this category.
Marketing automation is a set of tools that help makes the marketing process much more accurate, efficient and results oriented using automation technology.
Since marketing automation has been introduced, in the past this technology has been expensive costing as much as £7,000 for setup and thousands in on-going costs. This is the reason that automation has been used or had access by only market leading big organisations. The access of marketing automation by the market giants made it almost impossible for small businesses or entrepreneurs to compete with them in terms of targeted marketing accuracy.
However, in the recent years marketing automation technology has been made readily accessible to not only medium sized enterprises but also small and micro businesses/independent entrepreneurs with software costs as low as £10/month and absolutely no setup costs. This easy availability of advanced software technology comes as a great opportunity for SMEs to compete with the market giants using the same technology and targeting tools that they use.
Why is targeting accuracy so important?
Now, one might wonder that with digital avenues of marketing, why is accurate targeting so important? Like all fields, marketing has also evolved with the advancements in science and technology. Gone are the days of traditional marketing where a single message was disseminated amongst the masses and results could be expected. With so many options of media and information access, masses tend to face an information overload. With a vast exposure to the advertisements on all media outlets, a lot of ads can go unnoticed by the online users. This is where personalised marketing comes in.
Personalised marketing refers to marketing messages tailored for each user according to their needs, interests and past behavioural patterns. This can be done by tracking and maintaining user profiles based on user interaction with your websites, engagement with displayed social media ads or any communication with the customer service/social listening team.
As digital marketing is taking on a personalised approach, the need for marketing automation is increasing rapidly. The beauty of marketing automation lies in the linking and adaptation of one campaign over different media channels altered according to the needs and specifications of each platform. For example; An Instagram campaign can be linked to a YouTube Video. Or a Facebook campaign can have a landing link to the website. Point being, the same campaign can be carried out on each platform targeting the users of that particular media outlet. Someone a little less adaptive to new social media trends can be targeted through Facebook whereas; the younger generation can be targeted through newer social media platforms like Snapchat or Instagram.
Keeping into context a user’s profile, marketing automation software technology enables marketers to target the right person at the right time through the right media channel. Artificial Intelligence, like many other fields of work, has become an integrated part of digital marketing. Artificial intelligence is not limited to targeting the right audience but also helps analyse campaign results. Modifying campaigns for better results helps extract best user engagement by customising campaigns for social media algorithms, and even helps you choose the right budget for a targeted pool of audiences to generate desired results for your business.
With the ease, efficiency and accuracy that marketing automation provides at such a low cost, it would be mistake in the age of digitally advanced societies that are well connected through the online world, to not invest in marketing automation for your business’s online presence to achieve your business objectives.

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