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Personalised Marketing is just getting clever

Personalised Marketing is just getting clever

We all know where we’re heading with Personalisation don’t we? You must of watched Minority Report from 2002? In case you don’t remember, he’s a quick recap.

It could well be fairly close to reality, once using Augmented Reality devices catch on.

Where are we right now though?

Facebook currently has Personalisation features that not only target users via remarketing from your website. I.e. They will show ads of products that you have viewed and not purchased on a website or app. They will now show ads based on users that may have an intent to buy your product.

How will they know this?

Well, Facebook know more than you think, they know what you like and don’t like, they know your interests, your browsing bevaviour and a whole range of other things that you do online and off.

From this information, they can get an understanding of what kinds of products you might be interested in buying and build an ‘intent to buy’ profile.

Then they can serve up your personalise ads to them based on their interests.

Clever hey!

This is just the start. With AI around the corner, targeting is only going to get smarter. Minority Report could be coming to a high street near you soon.


Jon Allen
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