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Skype Can Now Translate Your Voice Calls Into 10 Different Languages in Real-Time

Skype Can Now Translate Your Voice Calls Into 10 Different Languages in Real-Time

Looking at international expansion?

Well, things just got easier with multi-lingual support from Skype. It really is just the starting point in enabling multi-lingual communications globally.

Right now, it is a little flakey in my experience. You’ve got to speak very slowly and deliberately to make it work correctly and if there is a mistake it gone over to the other side long before you can do anything. Sentences are often the wrong way round and not as they should be in that language.

What was interesting though is that communication worked. Each side could be understood and you get use to the slight delay.

As with google translate, things are only going to improve. Google translate brought in sentence translation recently and this has made quite a difference. The same path is inevitable for Skype.

Exciting stuff if you operate across borders or globally! In fact they have just introduced Japanese!

We currently operate over in Taiwan so the Chinese translator has been very useful. Polish next please Microsoft!

Jon Allen
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