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Why is sales specialisation important?

Why is sales specialisation important?

It is imperative for modern businesses to incorporate the role of Sales Development Representatives. Sales researchers and SDRs, both act as a catalyst in a sales process. The rapidly evolving sales process, the complex hierarchy of companies, the increasingly cautious buyers and an overwhelming amount of information available has gradually elevated the vitality of sales research and SDRs.
The modern nature of buying behaviour has changed the face of sales activities and how companies reach out to offer their product or services. In any B2B sales process today, the buyers gather maximum information about the seller in order to narrow the gap between the two. They have multiple sources like articles, blogs, social networking websites and reviews for this purpose. This provides them greater control over the buying process making wiser decisions possible. This automatically adds up to the job of a sales team; to effectively streamline the tasks within a limited time frame and generate valuable sales models. There are multiple factors that influence the purchase decision hence making sales cycles slow and difficult to close.
The demands of the buyer and the factors influencing the sales process has transformed the way SDRs work. It has narrowed down the list of prospects being targeted by a sales representative hence making it more specific and precise. It is fruitless for a company to waste their energy on a target that is less likely to become a client. A targeted strategy is expected to give the preferred outcomes in a given time. Hence, the researcher would gather data and create a segmented list of leads that is relevant to the company’s buyer’s profile. Multiple sources including the internet are utilised to find companies that fit the criteria. Some companies hire a full-time employee for this task. Few companies take help of an SDR to research a list of contacts they attain from providers. Others outsource this task to software providers.
Purchasing a list of contacts has its advantages. The companies save on money and time that is spent on a full-time employee or on research by an SDR. However, the data gathered isn’t precise and has chances of inaccuracy. For instance, it could be a mere invalid contact number.
SDRs provide personalised and flexible information that is valuable for targeting candidates. They also save the expense of an employee or the purchase of a list. On the contrary, outsourcing would provide the expertise and quality lacking in the other two methods. Though, it is slightly more expensive than buying a list.
The accuracy of a buyer’s profile is extremely important. Any campaign based on a poor understanding of the prospect would fall apart resulting in wastage of time, effort and money. A fool proof research not only has profile details but additional information regarding various factors influencing the campaign are also looked into. The organisational structure, the hierarchy and employee data is collected. An excellent research involves finding quality leads. It has a minimum number of invalid contacts and accurate company data that fits buyer persona thus leading to a focused effort by the sales team resulting in finalising more deals.

After forming an accurate list of contacts, an SDR crosses out a number of questions on his/her checklist regarding the needs of the target; if they require the service or product being offered by his/her company; if it is a good time to reach out; do they have enough awareness of the service and are mentally prepared to accept new ideas. An SDR utilises all sources of communication available today including emails, social media and calls. They either book an appointment with the executive or make use of an opportunity or both depending on the company and its buyers’ profile. Fundamentally, an SDR would make sure the prospect is in need and your company is the only solution available at the right time. Then he/she would educate the prospect regarding what his/her company is offering. And this is followed by an appointment or meeting. It is to understand that sales representatives have to face a lot of rejection because not every lead is converted. However, they are skilled to cope and learn from it and move forward. In short, the once linear sales process has now transformed into a multi-level procedure that incorporates expertise and effort thus making B2B sales more detail oriented and fruitful.

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