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Will cosmetics companies be able to read the minds of women with New Eye Tracking Technology?

Will cosmetics companies be able to read the minds of women with New Eye Tracking Technology?

It’s no news that women (and many men these days) love makeup! And usually will venture down to the nearest cosmetic counter when selecting a new brand or shade. This could be a thing of the past with new technology.

eye technologySmashbox Cosmetics, one of the leading cosmetics companies partnered with ModiFace in creating the Makeup iOS app that allows people to try different types and shades of makeup virtually. It also includes eye tracking technology that creates a heat map of areas used more on the app when utilizing it. The heat map gives valuable information about user experience. It’s also a great tool for advertising.

Brynn Nakamoto, Smashbox’s Assistant Manager for Global Digital Marketing, has this to say: “We are delighted by our partnership with ModiFace for the MAKEUP application. Not only is it driving usage, try-ons, and customer visits to our site, but ModiFace and Smashbox are doing something very unique here. We are experimenting with technologies that will make shopping for beauty products easier and more convenient for the consumer.”

“There are times when users think about a particular shade but would not tap a product or take any action. Eye tracking provides a deeper level of insight into what users are thinking about by measuring what they are looking at.” Modiface founder and CEO Parham Aarabi added.

With the help of 8,819 mobile consumers using the MakeUP iOS, Smashbox split these consumers into two groups for a little test. The first group had the Call to Action button strategically placed near the top of the page that they can use should they wish to purchase products. While the second group had to try a specific product before the call to action button appears.

From this analysis using the eye-tracking technology, Smashbox noticed an increase of 1.7% in their conversion rate (from 6.2% to 7.9%) when CTA button is displayed only after the user has tried the product. This resulted in a 27% overall conversion increase.

With more and more internet users accessing site on a phone or tablet instead of laptop this technology will become invaluable at tracking the customer journey through your website or app.

The next time you login to an app, just think, that app may be watching you more than you realise!

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Zoe Allen
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