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DG Music – Funnel Marketing

DG Music – Funnel Marketing

DG Music had seen the decline in their leads quantity and quality from their existing sources, mostly geared around Google searches. Someone carrying out a Google search is shopping around and they are price sensitive.

They came to us looking for another way of generating leads and increasing the quality of the leads into the business. We recommended due to the nature of their audiences that they look at a Facebook Lead Generation Funnel with a follow up nurturing sequence using Marketing Automation.

The result is an effective lead generation engine where a percentage of users complete both forms about their wedding venue and requirements and the team follow up immediately. The leads that don’t go through to the next step are nurtured until they are purchase ready, the whole time building trust and positioning DG Music as the experts.


Ads Management, Creative, Facebook, Funnels, Social Media


2nd March 2019