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Funnel Marketing

Funnel Marketing is a highly effective way for you to attract prospective customers or clients, to educate them on who you are, and how you can help them and pre-sell them on your products and services- all using automated technology.

What is Funnel Marketing


The Funnel strategy needs to fit into the wider strategy of the business itself and be in line with the businesses goals.


Understanding your audience (avatars) has a profound impact on your marketing strategy. It helps you to fine tune your marketing efforts.


In today’s digital world, we have seen the birth of ‘Digital Assets’. Digital assets include; digital documents, audible content and videos.


Now it’s time to attract people into your funnel. Because we’ve spent time on your avatar we’ll know which platform to choose for your advertising.


We use marketing automation, which is an exciting new set of tools that can be used to drive incredible results in your business on an automated basis.


Learning and optimising is the process of understanding which parts of the funnel are working and how effective the funnel is as a whole.

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Case Study

Landlord Smart

Landlord Smart is a finance company specialising in finance solutions for landlords needing to furnish and buy other key assets for their rental projects.

Being landlords themselves, Landlord Smart have a vision to help more landlords create profitable investment properties.

With this in mind we worked with Landlord Smart to build them marketing funnels aimed at educating landlords on furnishing properties without eating into their precious capital. An average of three landlords a day download our educational tool designed for them. We also educate this market through Landlords Smart’s social media platforms.


We all know that there are so many marketing technologies out there, with new ones appearing all the time.

Our mission is to help you to find the right ones for you, which enable you to connect with your audiences more effectively, to build relationships, to engage and to drive action.

We specialise in creating marketing funnels using our F.U.N.N.E.L. process. Our role is to work with you to understand your business, products or services and your target market. Formulating and implementing a digital marketing strategy.

Click Funnel Marketing Expert Team


Our client’s boast anywhere between 2-8 leads every day and they are of a high quality because the message is targeted on a specific problem.

This quality is further enhanced by positioning our clients as key persons of influence by providing content that is of a high value to the prospective customer and clients. This results are prospects feeling like they know you, like you and trust you.

There are multiple reasons why funnel marketing can to be so successful and result oriented for our clients, including;

    • It focuses on solving specific problems for prospects as opposed to selling products or services that cover a multitude of problems.
    • The clients feel more comfortable knowing there are leads coming into the business every day automatically.
    • The actual sales process is easier because prospective clients / customers have been pre-sold.
    • Our clients are able to build their client list and community far quicker and effectively with people who can benefit from what they offer.


There are a wide range of funnel strategies available that we can use to create an effective marketing funnel and bring high quality leads into your business. Our marketing funnel is a six step process designed to understand your specific business marketing needs and implement well suited marketing solutions.
Once the funnel is live and generating leads, we analyse which parts of the funnel work and how effective the funnel is as a whole. This enables us to make improvements to the whole process in order to continually move towards better results and improve return on investment.

Funnel Marketing

In a few short weeks Jon and his team had the funnel up and running and generating high quality leads.

Tracey Woods
- Director

... we couldn’t recommend the team at Future Marketing highly enough!

I have worked with Jon and his team for over 10 years now. The work I have done with him has been absolutely fundamental in what I've achieved. Their knowledge of Digital Marketing is expansive. It doesn't stop there, Jon and the team have vast experience in growing a business and managing a business successfully. His input has been central to our success and growth, I will continue to seek his support for as long as I am running my own business. Needless to say, we couldn’t recommend the team at Future Marketing highly enough!

Tony Matters
- Creative Director - Faber Design

... just try them!

"Future Marketing took us from a Local company to having a Global Customer Base – just try them!"

Suryacitta Smith
- Owner - Mindfulness CIC

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