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Jumping From One Rat Race into Another

Jumping From One Rat Race into Another

Have you every felt like you got out of one rat race and found yourself in an even bigger one?

Seduced into a world of entrepreneurship by the idea of time/money freedom. A life of passion and inspiration. A world where creativity is in abundance, opportunity is everywhere and multiple sources of income flow to you like water out of a tap?

You nervously and reluctantly freed yourself from the corporate job you had spent years in. You convinced yourself you would be far better off starting up on your own and you set about following your passion and making an impact on the world.

Only to find…

You had jumped from one rat race into what feels like a bigger one.

And not just any world, a world where your emotional stability has been rocked to its core and you find yourself experiencing all manner of undesirable emotions that had been previously been hidden by the perceived security of the corporate world.

Having to deal with the fear and anxiety of selling yourself and putting yourself out there. Guilt that leaves you wondering if you made the right decision for yourself and your family, (after all your going against what 90 something % of the population think and do) and unconscious shame holding back the necessary desire to propel yourself forward regardless of outer world perceptions and circumstances.

These are big, powerful emotions that people don’t like to confront, but confront them you must if you truly desire time/money freedom and to live a life in the way you are intended you live.

So how do you do that?

The answer is so simple. You confront your fears and walk right into the situations that scare you the most.

It’s called hitting the terror barrier and everything single person who you admire, who have created that time/money freedom for themselves will have smashed through their terror barrier many times over.

Courage is not the ability to act without fear. It’s the ability to act in spite of fear.

The truth is most people are afraid of change.

They want to hold on to what they have and it is this fear that stops people from truly living and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Everything you want is sitting just outside your comfort zone, indeed the cave that you fear to enter holds the treasure you desire.

So what are you not doing that you know would lead to more wealth, more freedom of time and break you out your comfort zone?

I challenge you to pick a few and get out there and just… Go for it! Forget out what other people think or might thing and…

Fall in love with the process of creation.

Success is a system, life is a system and your results will come to you by law so forget about everything else, get studying, focus on your own awareness and becoming the best you can be.

So what does life look like when you learn how to consistently smash through the terror barrier and transcend fear?

  1. Life bright and full of vitality. After a while you awaken your sleeping power. You become aware of the amazing potential inside you and you start to live and create your life from a place of inspired action.
  2. You operate with a deep desire for personal growth and contribution to the betterment of humanity.
  3. The pressure is off because your not trying to change the world you are simply playing your part, using your creative potential to work towards your goal do what intuitively feels natural.
  4. You will find people are literally attracted to working with you and being a part of what you have to offer simply because of the energy and vitality emanating from you.
  5. Life becomes a joy. That doesn’t mean you wont have challenges. You will, and you must in order to grow, the difference is when you operate with this level of awareness you embrace challenges because you know whatever happens in life it is an opportunity to grow.

So if you are feeling like you have left one rat race for a bigger one, I want you to know that it is not true.

What you have done is simply jumped off a lifeboat that you have been told is safe and normal and you are now swimming in the ocean.

Your job is to learn how to swim and that means overcoming your fears. Here’s the thing, although you may not be able to see it at the minute, the sea you are swimming is full of wealth and riches that go far beyond money.

Get studying your own mind, raise your level of awareness, take inspired action and watch how these riches start to reveal themselves to you.

Always remember…

The best way to predict your future is to create it!

Matt Griffin

Matt Griffin
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