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The Number 1 Reason Success is so Difficult for 99% of the Population

The Number 1 Reason Success is so Difficult for 99% of the Population

Don’t you find it odd that despite all your idea’s, strategies and hard work, you are still not achieving the success, the wealth, and the freedom of time that the 1% enjoy?

I don’t say this to upset you. I say this to make you THINK a little deeper about how success, wealth and freedom of time, is really created.

So much attention today is given to the 1% who seem to have it all.

The success, the wealth, the freedom of time

But far less attention is give to the actual cause of that success.

Every time you go on the internet these days another “How to do this” or “how to do that” course pops up and people spend thousands of pounds buying these course in the hope that they can emulate the same level of success that the person selling the course has achieved.

These people falsely believe that if they copy their ideas, implement their strategy, and put in the effort required they will get the same results


That is not how creation works. It’s not how reality works.

These are commonly held beliefs that keep people stuck and these beliefs cost them a lot of money simply because they lack self-awareness and believe someone else has the answers for them.

So here is a question for you…

Is there one fundamental difference that could clearly explain to everyone why only 1% of the population achieve the success, wealth and freedom of time most people spend their entire lives trying to create?

Are you ready for the answer?

Here it is…

The 1% understanding that they are already perfect within and success, wealth and freedom of time is the manifestation of realising that perfection.

The 99% believe that they are not perfect within and success, wealth and freedom of time of the manifestation of becoming perfect.

Can you recognising the difference?

The 1% focus on changing their inner world whilst the 99% focus on changing their outer world.

The 1% focus on drawing out the intelligence already inside them whilst the 99% focus on putting more knowledge in.

The 1% focus on cultivating a deep sense of gratitude independent of external circumstances whilst gratitude for the 99% is mostly dependant on external circumstances.

This statement properly understood has the potential to cause a

Volcanic shift in awareness

And hopefully it will.

If it doesn’t initially, then I recommend you write it down on a small piece of card and read it every day for as long as it takes.


Your ability to consciously create the results you want and design perfect life for you and your family comes down to one tiny little thought impulse sitting at the root of your mind.

There is perfection within you.

The truth is…

You are a walking mass of creativity, intelligence and productive power.

The problem is…

This perfection is buried deep beneath what can only be described as virus code inflicted upon you by society and the world around you when you were growing up.

If you come to realise this and take appropriate action, your life will start to change very quickly

If you don’t realise this and keep doing what you are doing then you will be constantly chasing success, wealth and freedom of time without realising

You are on a treadmill going nowhere.

I’ll always remember a line by Robert Kiyosaki in one of his books, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, when he said

“We can see what your doing but you can’t see what we are doing”

What he should have said is

We can see how you are thinking but you can’t see how we think.

I want you to imagine a fishing trawler in the North Sea. Having cast an enormous net, it has caught millions of fish and trapped them within it. Imagine all those fish frantically swimming around, colliding into each other…

Desperate for survival and desperate to break free.

Now imagine that you are one of those fish that manages to escape the net and you swim out into the big ocean. All of a sudden you are free and you have the whole ocean to explore, to thrive and to enjoy. Imagine the freedom, the joy, the abundance your life would be.

Now imagine looking back at all those other fishes caught in the net.

What do you see?

Take your time to appreciate the contrast because…

That is what the 1% see when they look at the 99%.

Now that is pretty shocking, but there is a way out, a way to get everything your want out of life, the success, the wealth, the freedom of time and that way out is recognising the perfection within you

And to

Start becoming aware of that perfection

There is no difference in potential between you, me, or anyone else on this planet. The only difference is in the results we create for ourselves and that comes down to

Your level of awareness!

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Be Authentic, Have Fun & Create your Future.



Matt Griffin
Comments: 2
  • keith webster
    14th June 2018 5:05 pm

    that’s a fantastic article Matt, thank you for sharing!

    • mgriffin19760
      18th June 2018 9:16 am

      I appreciate you comment Keith and really glad you enjoyed reading it.

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