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Upgrade to Intelligent-Driven Marketing

Upgrade to Intelligent-Driven Marketing

Upgrade to Intelligent-Driven Marketing

The ultimate goal of marketing automation is to treat every client as a specific individual. The best approach to any marketing, especially marketing automation, is learning about every individual’s preferences and then using them in delivering a more engaging and effective follow-up.
This kind of approach makes marketing automation more helpful than the usual form of broadcast email marketing.

What exactly is intelligence-driven marketing?

When it comes to the traditional email marketing, especially autoresponder sequences and email blasts, the problem is they both send the same messages to every contact listed. This kind of approach is prevented by the use of intelligence-driven marketing.

In intelligence-driven Marketing, every contact receives a different kind of personalized message according to the insights gathered from them. Both the content and the timing of the messages are created to that specific contact, tailoring to who that person is and what he or she wants. What the automation sends is relevant, so it is more engaging. Since they are receiving letters specifically made for them, they are more likely to open and read the emails and even respond to your call to action.

Listed below are the three processes involved in intelligence-driven marketing.

1. Knowing your contacts

The best strategy when it comes to marketing is to know the target clients by asking them questions, helping you understand the goals and problems that they are trying to solve. With this information, you can entertain the person based on their situation and how what you are offering can help in the situation.

The very important first step to have a more targeted, personalised and focused messaging is setting up the marketing automation to “listen” to the contacts.

2. Personalising message content

Armed with the information about your contacts, it is now easier to deliver interesting and relevant offers and content. With these, your contacts are more engaged in opening and reading the messages. The potential customer will also know that they were understood as well as their needs, thus making them feel that the product being offered is suited for them.

3. Customising send times

Another approach to consider in marketing is to know how often to follow up with contacts. Messaging a contact too frequently could turn them off thus causing them to unsubscribe or tune out. Others even prefer a tighter schedule. The best way is to do follow up at different velocities depending on your clients.

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