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3 Essential Marketing Automation Tricks

3 Essential Marketing Automation Tricks

Marketing Automation is all about using well trodden techniques to better engage with your audience.

Here are 3 so-called tricks that can really help you:

1. The “Double Wait”

I ‘ve had no end of autoresponders where we’ve set up an automatic response to a form completion and then wanted to add a personal email to the sequence. Well, what happens when someone fills on the form at midnight? The ‘automated’ email then comes out at 3am perhaps.

Who are we trying to fool? 🙂

Then I found out about the Double Wait. We want to wait 3 hours when someone is in normal hours, we then add another wait condition as below to reach the contacts work hours in their timezone. Hey presto!

2. The “Reusable Block”

A great tip that I came across some time ago was to use automations for repeated tasks. Just create and automation that you are going to use regularly and then call that automation from another place, with perhaps the appropriate wait condition.

Then if you need to change the repeated task slightly then it will change it everywhere it is called.

3. The “Flight Controller”

So you’ve got a few automations running. How do you stop someone getting multiple messages on a certain day, at a certain time or even about the same subject.

One simple way is to use “day of week” wait conditions rather than timed conditions such as “3 hours”. That way, certain types of message go out on say Tuesday and others on Fridays.


These are just a few of the automation tricks we have discovered along the way. We would love to hear from you what marketing automation tricks you have collected!?

Jon Allen
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