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3 Reasons To Learn About and Use Interstitial Ads

3 Reasons To Learn About and Use Interstitial Ads

So you’ve heard about Interstitial Ads right?

No? Well I’m sure most people haven’t, you’re not alone.

Those slightly annoying pop ups that interrupt you when you’re using a mobile website or app. (Have you ever accidentally tapped on one of these and been taken off to the app store to a game download?)  They are basically ads that are designed to appear when a page is downloading or loading up. You then have to click on the X to close it down and move on.

Fairly recently Google have announced a clamp down on these type of ads as they conflict with Google’s goal to make all good content easily accessible on mobile devices. Interstitial ads have a habit of making content tougher to access.

Here are some examples of traditional Interstitial ads:

Bad Interstital Ads

I’m sure you can see from this why Google have taken a dim view on it.

Okay, so how can there be a positive. Well there are certain interstitial ads that Google won’t penalise such as these:

They are useful, they are helping the audience through their customer journey. So not all of these types of adverts are bad. There are plenty of good examples.

So why learn about them and use them?

  1. They are becoming an integral part of Facebook and it’s Audience network. If you use Facebook Advertising and choose automatic placement then chances are you’re already using interstitial ads. Recent research (from Facebook) is that Automatic Placement of Ads is better more results at a low-cost than choosing your placement. I suggest you always split test to make your own mind up!
  2. Mobile is vastly growing, with more than 50% of all traffic coming from Mobile Globally. Even in the UK the balance is starting to tip to mobile and certainly as particular times of day Mobile is massively more utilizes that other platforms. How then can you engage with things like Lead Magnets to drive engagement. Well, whilst pops aren’t working well on mobile, a well place interstitial ad such as at ‘Exit-Intent’ could work really well. The first thing though is to make sure your website is really well optimised for Mobile Devices.
  3. Interstitials have proven really good at capturing additional data on your existing audience. If you’re using marketing automation for example and you’re emailed or Texted someone about something, then access this on their mobile device then you can deliver these kind of pop ups to gain more insight into your audience, such as their age or sex, things they like, ratings, surveys etc. Great data for then more target driven marketing.

I hope you’re found that useful. Early trials of integrated interstitials have certainly been promising!

Jon Allen
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